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Best Friends

A long time freelance graphic designer and illustrator, my skills span both the creative and business/client relations realm; and include both print and web/digital media. I work with a diverse range of organizations including corporate, academia, retail, and non-profit sectors.

Most of my work is in print design; however, as communication increasingly utilizes digital formats, many projects include a digital component such as website landing pages and images; html email; digital/animated banner ads; and social media images. I am not a web desiger per se, but as a sole proprietor I get to "wear many design hats". I enjoy the variety as well as the challenge, and I love to continually learn new tricks and skills.

While being a great designer is a valuable aspiration, I think it is equally important to be professional, communicative, positive, and solution oriented. I pride myself in being a person with whom others want to work!

In addition to my professional work, creative pursuits include pet portraits, mural painting, and 2D and 3D mixed media work. I seek out inspiration in nature: I enjoy hiking and mountain biking; reading, and time with family and friends.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your design needs. Please reach out!

Thanks! Message sent.

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