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Place a portrait order

GIFT CARDS: click here for information.

1. Please fill out the questionnaire (mobile users scroll down) so that I can learn more about your pet and portrait preferences. Please email me if you would like to provide additional information.

2. Place $50 deposit to reserve your place on my wait list (currently two weeks). Deposits are refundable until work has begun on the portrait (minus standard Paypal fee of approximately 3%). You will be made aware of this and will have provided photos already at this point. *If you prefer, I can accept payment via Venmo - email me!

3. Upload your photos.
-Visit the upload page and follow the instructions there (email me if you have questions or upload problems).
-The password is petphoto (all lowercase). Please read photo tips below.

3. During the sketching and painting phase I may reach out with questions about accuracy and/or post progress photos on social media. (Please note that as the artist, I reserve all copyrights and reproduction rights to all commissioned works, including preliminary sketches.) If you do not want the progress photos posted, let me know and I will keep them secret.

4. Upon completion of the painting, I will send you a low resolution, watermarked sample for your final approval; at which time I will send you a final invoice for the remainder of the commission cost, the canvas print, and shipping. Upon receipt of payment I will send the order to the printer, to be shipped directly to you.


Great portraits start with good photos.

The best photos are generally taken in good lighting (ideally natural sun), at eye level with your pet rather than looking down at your pet. I will try to work with whatever you have, but what you give me will help determine the accuracy and level of detail in the portrait. I rely closely on your photos for an accurate portrait. For example, I can't take a picture of a sleeping dog to use as reference for it running, or looking in a completely different direction, etc. I need to have a close visual. I can take more liberties with the background, enhance the dog's natural coloring, eyes, and nuances that I can see; but that relies upon having photos that have a high level of detail.

For memorial and/or gift portraits for which you have limited photos, I will try to work with what you do have. I may suggest filling in certain features from other (non-copyrighted) reference such as an ear that was cropped off in the photo, or combining several photos to get a sense of where the coloring is.

I will be referring closely to the photos you provide; so if, for example, your pet has a funny eyebrow lift, different colored eyes, a tippy ear, or any other particular distinguishing feature, I need to be able to see it. 

For great examples of ideal photos, visit IMPORTANT: Please only send photos that you have either taken yourself, or you have express permission to use.

Copyright, Self-Promotion

As the artist I retain all copyrights and reproduction rights to all commissioned works, including preliminary sketches. Paintings cannot be reproduced for sale. I retain rights to use of all images for self-promotional and/or print reproduction purposes. If you feel strongly that you do not want your portrait used, please let me know and I will try to respect your request.

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